Paintball with the Yale Club of Austin

May 4, 2024, 10 AM 

$25 per person, see below to RSVP

The Yale Club of Austin invites its Ivy+ friends to play paintball at nearby Xtreme Paintball in Manor.  For anyone who has not tried this sport before, it is a great way to meet people while getting in some exercise, and it’s lots of fun to play.


The date will be Saturday, May 4th, starting at 10 AM.  Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early for orientation.  The address is 7415 Burleson Manor Road in Manor, and the phone number is (512) 745-4787.


Depending on how many sign up from each alumni group, we may make up teams using combinations of schools. Be sure to wear your school clothing.


Headgear is provided for protection, and you can choose to wear full-length pants and shirts if you wish, though some choose to play in shorts and t-shirts.  There are restrictions on how close one can be to the “target” player (reinforced by the course monitors), so it’s not particularly uncomfortable to be hit.  The paint washes off clothing easily in cold water.


The cost will be $25, which includes all equipment and a full pack of paintballs.


Please sign up as early as possible, so that we can give the company an approximate count and they can plan for an adequate number of course monitors.


When you sign up, please send $25 to the Yale Club of Austin via Zelle.  The Yale Club will forward payments in the same amount to Xtreme Paintball.


To RSVP and claim your spot, just send $25 to the Yale Club via Zelle using the QR code below.