Harvard Prize Book Program


The Austin Harvard Prize Book Program, a joint effort of Harvard University’s Alumni Association and the Harvard Club of Austin, introduces talented young people to the opportunities available at Harvard and recognizes their scholastic and personal achievements. Prize Books are presented annually in more than 1,900 high schools around the world to outstanding students in the next-to-graduating class who demonstrate excellence in scholarship and achievement in other nonacademic areas. The Prize Book may also be awarded to outstanding high school teachers who inspire curiosity and excellence in their students.  Any member of the Harvard Club of Austin may purchase (for roughly $20-$30) and present a Prize Book at the school of his or her choice; the school selects the student or teacher to receive the Prize Book.  The sponsoring Club member or a representative from the school will then present the Prize Book to the recipient, often at the school’s graduating exercises or awards ceremony. 
For further details and to participate in the Prize Book Program, please contact Laura Stich at lcstich@gmail.com