Next Meeting: Friday, March 19, from noon to 1 PM via Zoom. 

Are you a CEO, COO, VP, or other executive in your organization? Would you like to meet other executives? If so, please join us for a shared interest group (SIG) organized by the Harvard Club of Austin. Executives from all types of organizations are welcome as we learn, share ideas, and support each other in these challenging times. We meet via Zoom from 12-1 PM on the Third Thursday of every month. Our meetings are roundtable-style providing an opportunity to meet others, network, and share your ideas. For more information on joining this group, contact John Miri at
Our organizations typically express their core purpose in written form via mission statements, vision statements, business plans, and strategic plans. While the tactical implementation of this concept may vary from company to company, every organization endeavors to express its core purpose in a way that inspires their team, focuses their efforts, and informs those they serve. 
2020 and 2021 have taught us that the pace of global change is increasing exponentially. New challenges seem to emerge daily. Some commentators have even stopped using the phrase "the new normal", in favor of "the next normal.". This shift seems to imply that we may never truly return to a stable "normal," but rather should expect that an environment of constant change is here to stay.  
Let's consider our organization's purpose in this context. Keep in mind that the SIG membership includes startups, large companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions. 
Here are few questions to get us started:
1. What is the purpose of your organization and how do you express it?
2. Has your purpose evolved or changed in the past?
3. Do you see your purpose evolving or changing in the future?
4. Who decides that your purpose should or should not change?