The Gut Microbiome: How we heal our Guts, and How do our Guts heal us?

A Discussion of Traditional, Functional and Integrative Approaches.*

Saturday, October 19th 2:00 - 4:00

Location: LCRA, Redbud Building
3601 Lake Austin Blvd.
The Boardroom
Price: $10 for adults
Parking: Free at LCRA lot, additional metered parking on Lake Austin Blvd.

We've heard some stunning news about the importance of beneficial bacteria in the human digestive system lately. Not the least of which is a Scientific Reports study that claims that fecal transplants reduced symptoms 45% in a group of autistic children. How important is the gut microbiome in our health? Should we be paying more attention to what lives in our guts? How do we live more fully with what we're learning about the importance of gastrointestinal bacteria?

Come explore some of the promise of understanding your Gut Microbiome from both traditional and functional medical perspectives and learn more about the trade-offs for managing your health and wellness.

To share insights on the Gut Microbiome, we’re very pleased to announce we have booked two doctors, both fully licensed in traditional and functional medicine that practice Integrative medicine here in Austin.  Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen and Dr. Julie Reardon have practiced Integrative medicine for over 20 years and are often requested lecturers.  (See below for bios).  Evidence based, personalized, and a combination of both traditional and functional medicine, integrative medicine is a growing focus of research and practice.  Combining many factors like your genome, nutrition, and food sensitivities, integrative medicine attempts to enhance your body’s operation to heal itself and stay healthy, as well as prescription medications for alleviating pressing immediate symptoms. The Microbiome’s essential role and impact on cognitive capacity, emotional state, and general energy levels, health, and longevity will be discussed

Dr. Sharon Hausmann-Cohen – Chief Medical Officer at INTELxxDNA, a genomic analytic company and Resident Physician at Resilient Health here in Austin. Dr. Hausman-Cohen specializes in utilizing genomics to help both understand what is going on in complex medical situations and in targeting prevention and intervention strategies. She is trained in Dr. Bredesen's reversal of cognitive impairment protocol. While in medical school, Dr. Hausman-Cohen founded the alternative medicine lecture series, featuring Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, Joan Borysenko and others. This series eventually led Harvard to develop a full alternative medicine curriculum

Dr. Julia Reardon- founder  of Lake Travis Integrative Medicine

“Doctor Julie” as many of her patients call her, graduated Magna Cum Laude degree in Psychology from Harvard University, medical training at The University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and is currently Fellow of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.  Functional Medicine views human beings as being genetically and biochemically unique, and symptoms as an alert about underlying biological issues rather than diseases in themselves. Dr. Reardon uses the Functional Medicine approach to naturally support the normal healing mechanisms of the body.  As well, Dr. Julie has been trained in traditional Chinese acupuncture, and has studied cultural wellness in Bangladesh as a Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Fellow and more recently in New Zealand as a primary care physician working with geriatrics, pediatric care, and women’s health.

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*This is a joint production of the Harvard Club of Austin and the Stanford Club of Austin