Want to help out a Harvard student learn about your field, but you do not want to commit to an internship position for the entire summer? An easier, lighter, more flexible way is a wintership!

A Winternship is essentially an externship, an unpaid domestic job-shadowing experience lasting anywhere from one to 15 days during the January winter break (January 2-20, 2017). Winternships allow students to observe and ask questions. Winternships help educate students about an organization or industry, facilitate networking and building relationships, and in some cases  help students gain hands-on experience.

Here are examples of activities your wintern may engage in during a Winternship:

  • Shadowing an alum or employer on a typical workday
  • Attending workplace meetings
  • Conducting informational interviews with staff
  • Undertaking a voluntary small project or relevant research assignment
  • Serving alongside an employer in volunteer work
  • Discussing industry trends and an organization's mission
  • Participating in an educational tour conducted by the office or organization

Though most Winternships are experiences for an individual student, some organizations opt for group Winternships.

If your organization is interested, please contact Regan Coleman, at regan dot coleman AT gmail dot com.